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Alloy Products Distribution, Inc. (APD) is a world class company.

As a proven industry leader and pioneer of customized, engineered parts for Natural Gas Utilities and OEM manufactured products, Alloy Products Distribution’s (APD) experts have filled the void in outsourcing with a diverse range of domestic and international manufacturing partners.

Since 1986, we’ve handled every aspect of sourcing to deliver your products, ensuring that Alloy Products Distribution becomes an extension of your purchasing, engineering, and inspection departments.

We have played a pivotal role in aiding over 50 gas utilities from our headquarters and 50,000 square feet of warehouse space in San Clemente, CA. At APD, we are more than a manufacturing and distribution company; we are your reliable and trusted partners committed to your success.

Our Commitment
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Trusted Partnership

Alloy Products Distribution has long been a trusted and reliable partner for major GAS Utility Companies and OEMs for over two decades.

Streamlined Processes

Alloy Products Distribution’s streamlined processes highlight operational efficiency and the capability to inventory most gas fittings, ensuring quick shipments within across the U.S.

Efficiency, Quality, and Value

Alloy Products Distribution is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency of our services, ensuring top-notch product quality, and delivering overall value to our clients’ operations.

Quality Assurance

Alloy Products Distribution is committed to the highest quality standards and ISO 9001 compliance.

American Reliability

As an American-based company, Alloy Products Distribution assures clients of reliability and adherence to industry standards.

Proven Track Record

The track record of successful partnerships and adherence to industry standards serves as evidence of Alloy Products Distribution’s reliability and competence.

Industry Leadership

With decades of experience, Alloy Products Distribution is a proven industry leader in the Natural Gas Service sector.

ISO 9001

We adhere to the industry’s high-quality standards




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Our success story is rooted in fundamental principles, driven by our unwavering commitment to deliver honest, ethical, confidential services, which is pivotal in fostering strong partnerships with valued clients like you. We invite you to take a closer look at our many products and services and to learn about the value APD can bring to your next project.

& Awards

ISO 9001 Certified – We have bridged the gap in outsourcing for our varied manufacturing partners.
Patented Leak Detection System
Outstanding Delivery Performance 2023 Badge
Outstanding Delivery Performance 2020 Badge

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