Offset Meter Swivels

Offset Meter Swivels are interchangeable with standard connections, accepting standard meter nuts.

Part Number Part Name
ALY0060 - Black 1/2”X5LT (long)
ALY0060G - Galvanized 1/2”X5LT (long)
ALY0061 - Black 1/2”X5LT
ALY0061G - Galvanized 1/2”X5LT
ALY0077 - Black 3/4”X10LT (1-1/4” Long)
ALY0077G - Galvanized 3/4”X10LT (1-1/4” Long)
ALY0081 - Black 3/4”X10LT
ALY0081G - Galvanized 3/4”X10LT
ALY0079 - Black 3/4”X1A
ALY0079G - Galvanized 3/4”X1A
ALY0083 - Black 1”X20LT
ALY0083G - Galvanized 1”X20LT
ALY0078 - Black 1-1/4”X30LT
ALY0078G - Galvanized 1-1/4”X30LT
ALY0084 - Black 1-1/2”X45LT
ALY0084G - Galvanized 1-1/2”X45LT
ALY0085 - Black 1-1/2”X#3
ALY0085G - Galvanized 1-1/2”X#3

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